• Virtual and
    Augmented Sampling
    Enrich your design process with real scale, real color preview of your rugs.
    And take your sampling to a whole new level by letting your clients see and feel your rug designs without producing the actual rugs.
  • deliver the rug exactly
    as seen on screen
    Because the manufacturing is already integrated in the design process itself.
  • From Concept
    to Visualization
    In no time or cost.
    expanding the reach
    of your business
    With minimal space and small investment you can greatly enhance your rug showroom, so that all your rugs can be customized everywhere: in store, on your website, on the go for your sales teams, and even in the customer's home.
  • take your showroom
    wherever you go
    exploRUG is your showroom on the go. As long as you are connected to the internet, your showroom can be accessed from anywhere, using any smart device.
    launch your
    marketing campaign
    On print, in social media, and of course, on your website, so that customers can choose a design, recolor, see in their preferred texture on their own, and finally, order from the comfort of their home.
  • Sell your rug
    before it is made
    Our technology helps you sell your custom rug first and then produce it exactly as it was shown in computer.

    That means lesser inventory, yet more satisfied customers.
  • exclusive
    signature designs
    Browse exclusive designs only available at Ramro Designs.
  • More than 150 countries.
    More than 10,000 cities.
    That is how widely our solutions have been accessed for creation, customization, communication, and construction of rugs by our customers, who are manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and designers, as well as by your customers, who are the end consumer of custom rugs.
Modern Technology for an Ancient Craft
• Convert art or photographs to weavable rugs
• Design your own rug using motifs, repeats, mirrors
• Quickly visualize to see whether it makes a good rug
• Refine and recolor your design
• Try different constructions to determine the best look
• Create and print a strike-off to send to the customer
• Once approved, send a small file to your manufacturer
• The manufacturer prints a graph and estimates the yarn
• The manufacturer weaves with precision
• Deliver the rug, exactly as your customer wanted it
Digital Platform for Promoting Ancient Craft
• Organize your rug designs into collections
• Make your collections available to authorized customers
• Optionally, promote your rugs on your social media
• Customers find the rug that they like
• They customize the rug colors from your standard color set
• They customize materials and construction, checking the price
• They lay the rug in rooms and refine further
• They place an order with you
• You get all the design and customization details to produce
• Deliver the rug
Design Inspiration
• Countless choices of unique designs
• Designs to fit your budget, starting from a dollar each
• Variety of design styles and colors
• Exclusive or non-exclusive designs, as per your needs
• Color separated for easy recoloring and customization
• Flexible licensing, use them royalty-free to produce rugs
• Wide range of applications
• Use designs as they are or as inspiration for your creation
• Easy to explore and purchase the designs you like
• Frequently updated