The Alternative Story

Alternative Technology is a global company focused on
computer graphics innovation for custom carpets.
Our solution for custom carpets has significantly empowered
the custom rug industry and has transformed the way
carpets are designed, produced, and marketed.

Our Virtual Carpet Software Suite is one of the very few
global standards for designing and illustrating rugs to clients
and exchanging carpet data between the manufacturer and the buyer.
The topmost companies dealing with custom rugs worldwide,
as well as leading rug producers in Nepal use our software.

The Inception

In 1997, we started writing a piece of a computer program to convert computer artwork into a graph for hand knotting. Suddenly, a process that took days, sometimes weeks, could be done in minutes.

The Journey

For more than 2 decades, we have been pushing the boundaries of what can be done through technology in the world of rugs. We have transformed the way custom carpets are designed, manufactured, and marketed.

Our mission is to enhance the design, production, and
marketing capabilities of custom rug makers for facilitating
a cost-effective and sustainable carpet industry.

The Alternative Way:
Concept to Creation

We help you create a design from a concept, or from an inspiring artwork or photograph. Experiment with size, shape, color, material, and motifs to create your own unique rug design.

It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s fun!

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