Environmental Contribution

Our company has a dramatically small carbon footprint because we work in natural day light using mainly laptops, and produce minimum printed materials. Our own contribution to the environment is nothing compared to the reduced carbon footprint of our clients owing to the use of our software suite.

Have you ever imagined how greatly could one contribute to the environment just by saving a couple of samples (or strike-offs)? The close-up simulations from our software are so real-looking that our clients are able to eliminate 100s of sampling process every week. Reduced sampling means less dyeing, less washing, and of course less raw material usage.

And when it comes to weaving the full sized rug, we have an accurate yarn estimation based on size, quality and pile height of the rug to be woven. Accurate estimate means dyeing the right amount, eliminating excess wastage or need to re-dye. Eliminating re-dyeing means saving dyes, fuel as well as water.

For communication purpose, the design files can be sent as small email attachments, saving a lot of time and money in printed materials and express mails.

Hence the software ensures optimized use of resources, and dramatically reduces wastage.