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Alternative Technology
Tafuaswan Marg, Khusibun,
GPO Box 5327
Kathmandu, Nepal

Modern Technology for an Ancient Craft
• Convert art or photographs to weavable rugs
• Design your own rug using motifs, repeats, mirrors
• Quickly visualize to see whether it makes a good rug
• Refine and recolor your design
• Try different constructions to determine the best look
• Create and print a strike-off to send to the customer
• Once approved, send a small file to your manufacturer
• The manufacturer prints a graph and estimates the yarn
• The manufacturer weaves with precision
• Deliver the rug, exactly as your customer wanted it
Digital Platform for Promoting Ancient Craft
• Organize your rug designs into collections
• Make your collections available to authorized customers
• Optionally, promote your rugs on your social media
• Customers find the rug that they like
• They customize the rug colors from your standard color set
• They customize materials and construction, checking the price
• They lay the rug in rooms and refine further
• They place an order with you
• You get all the design and customization details to produce
• Deliver the rug
Design Inspiration
• Countless choices of unique designs
• Designs to fit your budget, starting from a dollar each
• Variety of design styles and colors
• Exclusive or non-exclusive designs, as per your needs
• Color separated for easy recoloring and customization
• Flexible licensing, use them royalty-free to produce rugs
• Wide range of applications
• Use designs as they are or as inspiration for your creation
• Easy to explore and purchase the designs you like
• Frequently updated
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